Tuesday, April 24, 2007 

Spring Cleaning!

Yesterday after Curves and prayer walking the neighborhood with neighbor Beckie ......Spring cleaning hit my house big time.

Our little nest (especially during the winter months) resembles a cave. Since I live with a "cave man" it really doesn't bother him at all. However, come the spring this girl like sunshine.

So I bought white sheers to replace the heavy beige one, washed the windows, moved all the furniture and swept under it and decluttered our hot spots (where clutter tends to collect.)

I even threw out a rug that old dog Spot had.....well, spotted to put it mildly. I put up spring pictures and put away winter coats. I found so much cat hair under the furniture that I was pretty sure we could make another cat! It's amazing that we are not all asthmatics.

Neighbor Beckie and fellow Saturday Photo Hunter told me to take a picture of the living room and post it this Saturday for the concept of "Rare". ( Not that I rarely clean or anything like that.)

Just back from second day at Curves and prayer walking. Now Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work I go.

(btw.....Yes, it was may best effort!)


Great effort!! And your living room looks beautiful! And I need to get busy and do SOMETHING!!

Well, it looks simply FAB girlfriend! Just don't take that neighbor too seriously!

It was beyond your best effort...nice job!

Great!! I am like Jennifer I guess I should get busy but if you read my blog you will see what I have been doing. Did you call today? Sorry I missed you. It has been a day!! Dirt is always there so I did what I thought I should be doing today!! Miss you...Sandy

Great Job! I love your Spring Cleaning. I need to get at that too. Prince Charming is much like a caveman as well (grunt, MEAT GOOD! Dark GOOD!) I need to have light and sun and brightness!

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