Friday, April 20, 2007 

Friday Five!

( Title picture stolen taken from Twisted Cinderella )

It's already Friday.....Where has the week gone?

So far it's been a good week in the weight department.

5 things I've done right!

1. Gasp! Weighed myself and once over the shock jump back on the road to health.

2. Enlisted supporters and accountability partners.

3. Remeasured and weigh at Curves and got more accountability partners.

4. Started recording electronically what I eat....Calorie King keeps a record of your eating, calories, carbs, fats, etc. as well as exercise and evaluates it weekly.

5. Daily Bible Study and prayer.

Five Things I want to do this week.

1. Increase my activity level and exercise level.

2. Be aware of what I put in my mouth.

3. Continue to preplan my there is always food to snack on that is healthy.

4. Continue to call, meet and pray with Beckie.

5. Get up and move more!

Daisy Dilemma: Does it ever get easier? When does this become a habit?


I'm sooooo proud of you!!! Keep up the good work and remember~mind set!

They say if you do something for 30 days it becomes a habit..Well then maybe it takes 30 days. Lets see. You can do it I know you can!! Sandy

Okay.... I'm gonna put myself out on a limb here and say that it doesn't become HABIT until you do it for AT LEAST 6 months "straight"... (that means in a row without stopping!) But you CAN do this! And you WILL do this! And Beckie's gonna be your HELPER -- but it's YOUR job to DO the work! Whoooo hoo hoo! Whooo hoo hoo! *do you see me dancing for you?*

Great Friday five! I love that you liked my title picture!

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