Wednesday, March 28, 2007 

Apples and peanutbutter.....

Oh, wow, I'm in love! I tried a new snack today at work apple with I Tbs of peanutbutter smeared lightly on the slices. Pure heaven.
Sweet, crunchy, nutty, and a little salty with the added protein.
Sign me up! All my favorite tastes rolled into one....the absolute perfect bite! God is Good and so are apples with peanutbutter.
I give it a 5 stars! What's your favorite dieting treat?

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My favorite d----ting treat is that I DO NOT USE THAT WORD!! It is a 4 letter word that is NOT in my vocabulary any more. When I hear it I get all confused and then I eat too much. I dont like the I cannot answer your question because I dont go on d----s. Sandy

How old are you? You JUST discovered apples with peanutbutter? WOW! Well! ENJOY that treat! It's a good one! I go in spurts ... right now I'm on yougurt with walnuts! Sometimes it's yougurt with almonds. :) Then when I need chocolate it's jello pudding treats -- either the fat free or the sugar free -- fat free is 100 calories per -- the sugar free is only 60 calories per!!! Love 'em! Occassionally I do a few triscuits with a smidge of low fat cream cheese on them. Triscuits are kinda hefty though so I limit myself to like 6. I usually only eat one snack a day too... either before work if I'm working late (cuz then I eat dinner when I get home)... or before bed if I was home for early dinner. Otherwise I'm just a 3 meal a day kid!

My favorite snack is equal parts soy milk and frozen berries blended up. It is yummy and oh so filling!

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