Tuesday, April 17, 2007 

Water Weight.....

If you gain it...it's water, if you lose it ....it's fat.

Nice surprise this morning. The scale is down 3.5 pounds and my feet are still puffy. I had run out of my fluid pill on Friday so some of the extra weight is fluid.

I was able to pray with my prayer partner and neighbor Beckie both yesterday and this morning.

She's my accountablity partner so we have agreed together to work on my weight problem. She has permission to ask me anything about my eating or exercise program and I've agreed to answer truthfully and not get offend or mad.

I worked at the mission today....so I was moving 30 to 40 pound boxes all day.

I'm tired, but feel good that I accompllished my goals today.


I am (again) thanking God for Beckie! Will she kick your butt out the door to Curves too?

Glad that the pills helped take off that weight and think how much exercise all those boxes will be!

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