Wednesday, April 18, 2007 

Do Wap, Do Over, Do Better!

I'm heading out the door as I speak. I'll probably have to introduce myself and start all over again. I'm good at do-overs though! It can only get better from here.

I was down another pound this morning.

I've been recording my food choices.
Keeping to about 1800 calories.
Limiting anything white (salt, sugar, flour)
Eating more vegetables and fruits.
Not eating after 9 P.M.
Keeping up with my devotions
Checking in with my accountablity partner (and yes Melli....Beckie did kick my butt out the door to go to Curves today.)

Daisy Dilemma: Life is full of choices.....I've decided I've made enough bad one for awhile so I might as well start making some good one.


OK! Yea, curves. You forgot something...are you leaving out POTATOES?????

Keep it up. I just might have to come up with an incentive plan of some sort. Hummmmmmm

You go girl!! (((HUGS)))

THANK YOU BECKIE!!! I will contribute to whatever incentives you come up with!!!

Daisy... I'm proud of you! Even if you DID have to be kicked out the door this morning! I'm proud because you have recommitted to the plan and are willingly (if hesitantly) starting anew! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Very good friend!! You can do it...Yes you can!! I know that you can!! Sandy

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