Thursday, April 19, 2007 

No Do-Over Awards.....

I dragged my over sized body to Curves yesterday and reintroduced myself.

I was amazed at how much physical stamina I had lost. I was really winded by the time I finished the work out. You would have sworn that I had just finished the Boston Marathon instead a simple 30 minute work out.

I did talk with Curves manager Becky and told her I needed a Do-Over.

She told me that I wouldn't win any awards for the most weight gained and that this has happened many times to other people. (Shoot, there goes my originality award too!) So today we will remeasure and weight and start all over again.

I worked at the mission yesterday moving boxes.....I was really tired by the time I got home. I guess my body was overly tired too because I had a 4 hour episode of calypso heartbeats, racing irregular pulses, higher blood pressure and the mother of all hot flashes. My face and neck turned bright red and I was truly miserable during that time.

This only happens about once or twice a year and the extra fluid weight certainly didn't help. I know from experience that these episodes are not life threatening even though they are scary . This morning everything is back to normal plus I dropped 5.5 pounds ( definitely fluid retention).

So Thank You Jesus that at least 10 pounds wasn't for the other100 plus pounds!

I've just started my own personal Bible Study called "Lose IT for Life" by Steven Arterburn

"It's not about dieting or exercising, although these things play a part. Instead, it's about creating a lifestyle that emphasizes the whole you: your body, mind, emotions, relationships...and especially your spirit."

Daisy Dilemma: How comes it takes a "health crisis" to really appreciate the bodies God has given us? This body is in my dust!


I think you'll enjoy Steve Arterburn. Just keep in mind, it took you YEARS to put it on and it won't come off in days, weeks or months! Keep up the good work!

Listen to Beckie...she is smart. I am hanging in there too!! So that makes 2 of us.

Ohhhhhh I'll have to look for this book too! We actually HAVE a weight loss small group at my church! I haven't tried that one yet! I don't think I can handle another one right now!

Beckie IS smart! I'm sO glad you've got her! You're going to do fine Daisy! You were doing really well before the accident - and you just got set back... but you're back on track now and you're going to STAY there! You are GONNA do this!!! Yes you are! *nods*

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