Wednesday, April 25, 2007 

Realistic Goals?

The sad part of this book is that I would probably buy it!

It actually refers to clutter and "stuff" that we all need to clean out.

My living room and dining room look so good I've taken the cleaning binge on to others rooms. I probably just recycled at least 200 pounds of magazines that I was "gonna get around to" reading one day. Sigh, that day never came and I keep getting new one monthly. Time to bite the bullet and decide that I don't need to store them.

I also confess to killing a whole village of dust bunnies that lived underneath our bed! I've certainly been making the vacuum cleaner work hard these days too.

Just finished my Bible Study for this week. It was on surrendering!

Here are a few of the positive things I've learned this week.
  • improve my health and mobility
  • become defined by who I am and not what I weigh
  • gained an awareness of the difference between physical, emotional, and spiritual hunger and learned ways to satisfy all three.
  • take negative thoughts captive and think more positively.
  • made new and healthy connections with others
Not bad for one week! We leave tomorrow to go to New York City to see the chicks. I'm really excited to see them as it has been almost a year. Pray that I continue to give it my best effort.


YAY You!!! Did you get a travel pass so you can try out a NY Curves??? You KNOW you WANT to!

I've been decluttering too...I am not sure if I've tossed 200 pounds yet, but 100, for sure....mostly magazines (I save mine for the recipes...I finally just cut a few of them out!)
Decluttering's good...for the body and the soul!!
I am praying for you sounds like you're giving it your best effort!

Sometimes I wish that I liked cooking as well as I love to declutter or to clean!! I just simply hate cooking!! What is up with me anyway!! So glad you get to go see the 3!! Sandy

You've been tagged! Check out to see how!

HEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOO in heeeeeeeere eeeeere eeeere eeere!


April 25th was a loooooong time ago!!!

Lazy Daisy...where are you? We miss you!

Hello, Lazy!
Have a good weekend.

Well that is a sure way to lose weight. Keep up the good work. Hope the surgery doesn't put you too far behind on this goal. Our family is playing The Biggest Loser Game like on TV.

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