Tuesday, March 27, 2007 

She's Back!! OK, I took an extensive diet break. Most of it had to due with lack of transportation but that issue has been solved so I'm back with a vengeance. Watch out world catch my dust.

What I learned during my 365 reasons to stop dieting......(from Mary McHugh)

  • They say TV adds 10 pounds, so just by not being on TV you lose 10 pounds!
  • Children will love to sit on your lap.
  • Fat-free cottage cheese taste like old washcloths
  • There are 49 million plus-size women in this country. I don't want to feel left out!
  • Without all that cream cheese, ice cream and butter, your bones will get weak.
  • An order of dumplings at the Chinese restaurant is diet food-compared to the spareribs.
  • Only five percent of the population has the genes to look like a model anyway.
  • Life is too short to go without chocolate.
  • The very act of eating uses up 85 calories an hour.
  • 95% of all dieters never lose weight.

I made it back to Curves yesterday and here are my three dieting tips from the Curves manager and my challenge for the week.

1. Attend Curves 3 times this week and do cardio at home on the off days.
2. Drink 8 ounces of water at one time (it's supposed to flush out the toxins in your system)
3. Avoid sugar.


Glad to have you back! Those are funny. But lets be part of the 5% that does!

LOL! Girlfriend... you are too resourceful! Okay... welllllll... I'm really glad to hear about that first one -- that's 10 lbs. I surely didn't need anyway!

It's hard for the child to sit on your lap if you don't HAVE one... get rid of some belly and voila' MORE lap appears! (now I could use a grandchild to sit on it!)

Try the Safeway brand (Lucerne) fat free cottage cheese -- it actually TASTES like cottage cheese! I ate it even when I wasn't dieting!

There are 49 million plus-sized women in this country ... I Doubt I'll EVER feel left out ... I'd just like my plusses to sum up to a lower number!

How do you spell CALCIUM SUPPLEMENTS? Ask that handsome hubby of yours -- he's king of supplementation - right?

Let's stay AWAY from the Chinese restaurant and do the salad bar at Ruby's instead... K?

No one WANTS to look like a model - annorexia is OUT these days! CURVES are IN! (Curves... not rolls!)

Touche'! Chocolate is in! Size matters!

Eating does indeed burn calories - and if you are eating NEGATIVE calorie foods then you actually do lose weight! Google for the list -- it's a LONG one!

WRONG! 95% of all dieters DO lose weight ... and then put it back on again! The TRICK is to lose and KEEP it off! And if you develop the right habits, this CAN HAPPEN to YOU!!!

I am just SO happy you are BACK!!! YOU keep ME on MY toes too, ya know!

Did the manager mention that you should be drinking those 8 ounces at one time 10 times a day??? Maybe she's working up to that... baby steps... :)

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