Wednesday, March 28, 2007 


Dear Dr. Lucy,

How is it that my "good intentions" never manifest themselves into successful dieting?

Desperate Dieter Daisy

OK, here's my nickel......what's your answer?

Answer: Dear Desparate Dieter Daisy,

You just need a nap, not a diet. You won't be eating, and you'll get rid of some stress that makes you eat!

Have you got a better answer?


ROFL!!! Naps can be a good thing! NOT for weightloss! Naps can be the Lord calling you to rejuvinate... or Satan calling you to ignore! Beware! Keep Christ-in-a-Can with you at all times and SPRAY Satan heavily when he intrudes! And then turn the can on yourself just to make Him feel a little closer!

Daisy KEEP him WITH you EVERY STEP! EVERY STEP!!! Jesus WANTS you to DO this! And He wants to help you! Ask Him to help you get there... ask Him to help you STAY there... and when you're pretty sure you're going to leave WITHOUT stretching this time, ask HIM to make you do it!!! THEN... when you get home and you feel like "YAY! I DID it! I deserve a cookie!" ... THEN walk away from the cookie and go take a nap! You'll DESERVE the nap! :)


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