Wednesday, October 15, 2008 

Good-bye fast food

On our recent trip to Alabama I ran into trouble trying to come up with something that I can actually eat. Any thing with a bun or bread is out. That also includes pasta and rice and of course pizza.

I had a child's plate of grilled chicken fingers and applesauce and actually got chocked on it. I'm pretty sure it was because I was really hungry and ate it too quickly but I paid for my indiscretion for several hours afterward.

I'm having to relearn a number of lessons. I am finding out that I need to be very deliberate in my choices and slow way down when I eat. Going out to eat is really more scary now and not the treat it once was. I have a hard time with salads too.

Daisy Dilemma: Who knew that going out to dinner would be scarier than Halloweeen?


Oh my gosh! NO WAY! I could NEVER even CONSIDER this surgery! Give up eating OUT??? Oy VEY! That's like my favorite HOBBY!

Holy cow woman! You need a new BUTTON!

Boy that would be hard but I can see that it is taking away a lot of your carbs. I am back to writing everything down and hopefully this is going to help me. i am gaining that weight back and it ticks me!! Is your email filled up? I wrote to you and it came back today!!

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