Sunday, October 19, 2008 

Great Discoveries that I have made some of the discoveries that I made recently maybe weren't brilliant and certainly wouldn't win me a Nobel Peace Prize but they have been life changing for me.

These are some of my diet discoveries:

  1. Eat only things that you really like....don't waste the calories on something that doesn't satisfy your taste buds.
2. The first two bites of a dessert are the best and the rest will not satisfy you nearly as much as the first two. Always stop wanting more.

3. Approach food reverently, it is a gift from God not to carelessly consumed without thought.

4. Eat slowly, put you fork down in between bites, enjoy the conversation around you.

5. Avoid bread, pasta, and noodles and rice.

6. Drink slowly also.

7. Don't keep foods that are high in calories (such as candy, chocolate, nuts ) within sight or easy reach. It's too easy to fill up on them and not get in your protein.

8. Carry something to drink to work with you and work on it all day. It will keep you hydrated and full.

9. Stop before you are full. You can always eat more later. Overfilling is painful and causes great distress.

10. Know the difference in "head hunger" and physical hunger.

Daisy Dilemma: Does anyone else find candy corn addicting?


ROFL! CANDY CORN is NOT a vegetable! Get RID of that stuff! My Derek has had that addiction all his life... I think that is his FAVORITE Halloween candy! LOL!

I would have a big problem with drinking slowly. I tend to be a chugger... and I tend to be thirsty a LOT.

You're doing GREAT Daisy! I'm sO proud of you!!!

I can leave candy corn alone...If it were here though I would eat it but since it is not..then well I am not tempted...good for you on what you have learned..NOW how come i cannot learn it?? Smile

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