Monday, May 05, 2008 

When food goes bad.....

It's been a while since I posted here but it has been an exciting week of self revelation . When I got back from my Mom's house I gained 3 pounds and of course I blamed the food, then I blamed the lap band, then I blamed the circumstances and emotional eating. I blamed the lap band website that helps you track your intake for being hard to use and then I blamed my knee for not full cooperating with my exercise routine. The only thing I didn't blame was my ability to push away from the table.

The Lord has been gently reminding me that all these excuses are just that excuses. So I've been making better choices and wouldn't you know it....the lap band website has been updated to make it much more user friendly. I can actually record what I'm eating and enter food that is not in the data base. It will be a great help next time I go for a doctor's visit since the dietitian and the doctor can pull up my stats and food journal.

The past week I lost the 3 I gained previously and 3 more besides! It's nice to see the scale moving in the right direction for a change. My first big land mark is to get below 250 and Lord willing that should happen this week! Today I packed up all my winter clothes and I'm going through my spring and summer one now. So far I've lost two dress sizes so the clothes I'm packing will not ever be coming back in the house again.

I've decided to get rid a lot of clothing that I'm not really in love with....I'd rather have fewer clothes that I really like than lots of clothes I'm not happy with.

Daisy Dilemma: Do you celebrate reaching a big number or every 10 pounds?


Right now I will celebrate EVERY pound! LOL! Seriously -- I always celebrated every TWENTY pounds. That's when I took new pictures too! :) hint hint...

Congratulations Daisy. You're well on your way.

All I can think about TODAY are JELLYBEANS! I'm hankerin' for a certain FLAVOR... but I can't quite figure out WHICH flavor it is! HELP ME!!!

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Hi Daisy! You celebrate the landmarks, all of them! Ten pound losses AND the ones that have been looming there forever. Being under 250 is a big one! You go girl! Beings you are going thru your closet, might be time to buy something new and exciting. Or a pedicure just in time for the summer. Or a new hairstyle, etc. Anything that makes you feel good. (besides food) :)

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