Saturday, May 24, 2008 

Home again....

I took this picture on River Street at Savannah Sweets....seems like I took more pictures of food than I did of people. Hmmm.....I wonder what if that is significant?

I finally decided to order whatever I really wanted especially after I discovered that I would be eating it for at least 3 meals. That worked very well for me. I still feel stuffed and like I should never have to eat again.

I didn't lose any weight this week but I didn't gain any I'm okay with that!

Miss Emma arrives Tuesday evening so I'm sure my activity will increase with running after the divine Miss "Em".


Not gaining is good...especially since you were everyone's favorite lunch date! I'm proud! I'm glad you had a great week! I didn't know Emma was coming...must have missed that memo...I'm so excited for you!

Wow! I coulda used THAT picture LAST Saturday... the photo hunt was candy. But... where's the chocolate???

I guess you bought some of those POPS for the Divine Miss Em... hm? Well, I hope so anyway! How long are they gonna be here for? Maybe I'll drive down one day! (just for the day...)

Because I have no idea, how much have you lost since the surgery? Is there any "normal" guidelines to go by? Do they give you a list of foods that are ok/not ok?

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