Friday, November 10, 2006 

Taking One for the Team

Over the river and through the woods....

We leave bright and early tomorrow for Virginia Beach to see my mom and sister. This picture was taken a year ago and I must say we all look better this year.

My mom will be 80 in January. (I know, I look like I'm her mother, thank you very much!) My sister on the right has survived ovarian cancer and finally has become a grandmother (her life long ambition). She has currently lost 60 pounds as she wants to be able to keep up with the kids.

I've lost 25 pounds and all my hair color. I told the Lord I could go silver but not grey!

Mom called this morning, very excited that two out of her three will be home this weekend. Of course she casually mentioned that her refrigerator as well as the freezer is packed with all kinds of tempting delicacies that she can hardly wait for us to try. She also mentioned that in case of a blizzard we could survive quite comfortably for weeks!

I've already started laying the ground work that I eat pretty much fruits and veggies. I've also told her that with this cold not much tastes good. I've begged and pleaded with her to not to make certain desserts that are totally irrestible to me. (Come on Mom, don't throw your baby under the bus!) But it pretty much looks like I'll have to take one for the team and throw myself on the live grenade. Don't look, it won't be pretty. (Good Grief, she said she was so full that she might explode, I just never thought it would actually happen. Stand back, there she blows!)

Yes, I hear you screaming at me Portion Control. This is my momma for goodness sake....there is no dog to slip the extra portions to and Mr. Wonderful has a hard time struggling with what my mom loads on his plate already.

Pray for me.....there are land mines waiting for me.

Daisy Dilemma: Where are the brakes on this roller coaster?

Kathy, have you caught a cold? Oh goodness I hope not. You need to try that Alka Seltzer Plus. It really helped Mike a lot!! I was wondering when you would get it too. Take care and drive safely. I know this is not something you want to face with all of the food. My mother would understand..It is a shame that yours does not too. Just smile and keep a drink of something in your to you when you return. Sandy

Take care of yourself sweetie, sorry your mom has made all that tempation for you. I'm praying for you and for me too. ((hugs)) we can get through this.

Dang! Mama mama mama! *shakin' m'head* ... well, I hope you ENJOY it all then! Damage control will be left to you when you return! I just hope you have a GOOD (as in PLEASANT) time visiting with your rellies!

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