Thursday, November 09, 2006 

How Come?

I'm in a wondering mood today.

Why would anyone buy a "one size fits all" unless it's a pup tent?

Why would the manufacturer put "tear here" on a product that won't open without cutting it with scissors or a knife?

Why would you get sick immediately after you resolve to start exercising? Is it a conspiracy?

Why would you make a cough drop that tastes so vile that you are afraid to cough for fear of having to take another one?

Why would you agree to go home to see mom when you know she will make all your favorite fattening foods and you know that your sister who just lost 60 pounds will be there too? How much humiliation can one person take? Talk about two extremes ......I can hear the conversation now.

Mom: I knew you were coming so I baked a pie, a cake, killed the fatted calf and loaded the refrig with every conceivable item you have ever liked and if you love me you'll clean your plate! I did all this just because I love you and you know I'm old and won't be around forever to see you enjoy the things I made for you. Eat up darling!

Sis: Don't I look great? Don't you wish you were me? Did you see my cute clothes that I can wear now? Did I tell you I'm off all medications now? Did I tell you I plan to run a marathon, climb Pike's Peak, and go swimming in the Amazon? Did I tell you how much energy I have now? Did you admire me sufficently? Don't you wish you had the discipline that I do? (etc. etc.)

Me: (Ever the people pleaser) Looks great mom. You certainly outdid yourself. I'm sure Mr. Wonderful and brother-in-law will make short work of (you fill in the blank). I sure want to taste (fill in the blank) a little later. Thank you for all the love you are pouring out on me....Why look, here's my favorite "Heart attack on a plate" how thoughtful of you.

Me: ( to older sister) Yes sister dearest, you are certainly a vision of loveliness. I bow at your feet. You, who have always led the way, blazed the path, been the source of hope and inspiration as well as mom's favorite child. Thank you for acknowledging my lowly presence with your graciousness. I am so glad you excel in all these areas due to your great persistence and discipline (bet the stomach banding helped too.) Thank you for smiling down on this lowly grasshopper....May you live forever! The delight and wonder of my eyes!

Well, maybe it won't happen exactly that way, but it will to my weigh of thinking.

Daisy Dilemma: Is there a graceful way of not offending the two extremes in my life?

I have been a part of those conversations myself. Don't let either one of them be your downfall or dampen your enthusiasm. You are strong enough to get through this. I have faith in you. and I love you more than your sister, so there! *grin*

PORTION CONTROL! LOL! You know... some situations just ARE what they ARE! My mother's favorite words to me in the latter years of her life were "Mary Clare, you're getting fatter!" Thanks mom... I bet I couldn't have figured THAT one out on my own... I sO needed YOU to point it out to me!

You're in my prayers babydoll! Smile and BE happy! It's only one weekend! Enjoy the good stuff!

Another OPTION...STAY HOME!! No, I know that is NOT an option..Just being funny or trying to be!! I agree with Melli. Just eat a little bit of each of the things and this is really good and then stop eating. Dont over do it!! I know it will be hard but what is easy anyway!! Nothing right!!?? I weighed this morning and gained 4 lbs. yuck!! NOt good since it is hard for me to loose any amount of weight. Just hang in there, smile and eat smaller amounts. Sandy

Why is it that some people equate food with love? My friend (who likes to entertain a lot) said that cooking and makin a great dish is like saying to her family, 'eat this, I made this for you, this is my way of showing love'. And I was thinking, 'huh, what? What kind of screwed thinking is that?' But, my mother does the same thing. But she's a thin stick and doesnt' really eat the dishes herself. Mmmmm, not sure what that qualifies as! Just watch your portions and practice saying 'no thanks, I've had enough' and what can they do, force feed you! ha You can do this, you are in control. That's how I feel until the holidays come and then it will be a struggle. Hope your having a food week.

I mean, hope your having a good week! (food on the brain)

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