Tuesday, November 21, 2006 

The tickets are bought....the race is on!

National Missionary Conference was great but definitely not good on the pocketbook or the diet.

I started this diet last January hoping to be in better shape. I have dropped over 20 pounds but I've gone on way too many side trips and detours.

In May we heard the news that this Diva has been hoping to hear for the last 7 years......namely that we are expecting our first grandchild in January. The race and the training picked up and I definitely picked up some momentum and cheerleaders along the way.

We had been praying about going to Canada for Christmas as our daughter will definitely be "great with child" and unable to fly home. Airline tickets have fluxuated in prices almost daily and it looked like it would be beyond our price range.

God is good all the time, and has provided round trip tickets for both of us for the price it would have cost for just one! Last night Mr. Wonderful made the arrangements for us to leave Richmond, Va and arrive in Saskatoon, Canada December 18th!

The race is on! I'm counting the days and would like to lose 14 pounds by then. I'm sure the first 4 or 5 will come off easiy just getting back into a regular exercise program and routine eating patterns.

Mr. Wonderful is very encouraging. Since it is just the two of us for Thanksgiving he has agreed to take me out to dinner on Thanksgiving. ( That way he can have his feast and I'm not tempted by having lots of food around the house that is not good for either of us!)

I know that this is the worst time of the year to try to lose weight but hey, I'm motivated! This girl does not want to have to wear a seat belt extension or pay for two seats just to accomodate my butt! So give me a holla......Together we can do this!

Excuse me while I go blow the dust off my exercise videos.

That's what I LIKE! Goals for ONE month at a time!!! (one week... one day...) And you CAN do it! And I'll BE here cheering you on! And I am challenging you to TALK to Curves THIS WEEK! And let me know what they say!

You can do this! You are coming to Canada! That is wonderful!

Way to go girl! I hope that you get this goal done for sure. I posted to night...go and see our day!! What a day...what a few days we have had...Sandy

Thank you for sharing your motivation. Bright and early Monday morning I will be with you too! I have been off again, but had an emotional breakthrough this weekend and I am ready to get rid of my (fat) armor now. I don't need it anymore. 14 pounds by the 14th! Wow! That is a hefty goal. Atleast for me. I will try for 8-10 by the 14th, beings I won't be starting til Monday. That will leave 17 days. Ok, I am in!

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