Monday, November 13, 2006 

Diabolical Diet Smasher Strikes Again.!

Yes, I know......She looks like Granny Good-Shoes!

But don't look let that sweet expression fool you....she's really Daisy's Diabolical Diet Smasher.

She may look like sweetness and light, but she knows how to make a dinning room table groan from the weight of the of it's bounty. This was just a simple "I'm home Mom!" kind of visit.

Nothing says lovin, like something from the definitely her motto. Here she is (captured in what she does best) fixing a "mess of ....... just for you, cause I knew you were coming and it's your favorite!"

Erma Bombeck said it best, "Guilt, the gift that keeps on giving."

I got off lightly this trip because of my Brother-in-law being diabetic (and she made him special food) and my sister's limitation from having abdominal banding (and needing special food). Poor Mr. Wonderful may never eat again but we all survived and mom felt loved and vindicated.

Southern family life revolves around food. Nothing ever good or bad ever happened to me that "comfort food" wasn't employed, to make it better or celebrate it.

There was "break up" food, "you'll do better next time food", "funeral food" , "Sorry you got fired food," as well as "ain't you something" food. My mom is a great cook. She has subscribed to "Southern Living" magazine since it conception and probably owns all the cookbooks they have ever put out.

Food to mom is love at its finest. Three desserts, three salads, and 3 or more vegetables with bread is my mom's way of positively gushing. She will down play her offerings (what ? this ole thing, you should see what I could whip up if I had another 30 minutes) in hopes you will extol her food and skill level. To her credit, I've never seen my mother refused to give out a family receipe or leave out a key ingredient so it would never taste as good as her's. In deed, asking for her receipe is the equivalent of asking her for her autograph (her signature dishes ).

My Aunt Agnes had positive reinforcement down to an artform. She would simply say, "Isn't that the best food you've ever put in your mouth?" Now I ask you, who in their right mind is going to hurt the feelings of your momma or your favorite aunt? Not this southern girl!

So I did my duty.....To God and my momma! I continue to be the president of the clean plate club and I made my momma pround. I didn't explode and as far as I know the starving children in China are still starving (even though I suggested that maybe I should send them my plate, so they wouldn't starve any more!)

So this girl did right by her roots, and her momma...."I put some South in my Mouth!"

Paula Deen had it right all along when she wishes everyone "Love and Best Dishes!".

So you had to take one for the HOME TEAM now did ya!! Well it is over with and now time to work on those pounds again.
I weighed in today and I am maintaing!! I am so glad about that. I dont mind staying the same. I can do that. Hope you can get some motivation going and get moving. that is my problem..moving, moving, moving. Love Sandy

Food has always been a marker for all the events in my life as well. We celebrate with it, commemorate with it and commismerate with it. It is a friend I could count on. Can you guess why I ended up being 255 lbs before I started to lose weight?

Boy! Mama's reachin' celebrity status today! I need to get MY BUTT in gear again too! We're all in this boat together I think -- we've had a coupla weeks of fun and games - now it's time to get back to WORK! I HAVE pedalled today - but I didn't make it to Curves! THAT ain't happenin' again this week! Sheeeesh! My exercise calendar is looking pitiful this month -- and my food intake has been ... well... NOT GOOD! (yummy, yes... but NOT GOOD!) Soooooo... ALL for ONE, and ONE for ALL! Cheers! (to the 3 munchkateers!)

My Momma will be 80 this year too...fortunately she has forgotton how to cook for a crowd or maybe even how to cook at all. But now she wants to go out to eat all the time ARGGG!

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