Friday, January 04, 2013 

Self Esteam Your Vegetables

Dear Our Lady of Perpetual Weight Loss,

I got brave this morning and weighed myself.  This is exactly what I looked like while weighing.

  I've learned which way to lean, what time of the day the earth's gravitational pull is less, which night gown weighs the least, how to take off my jewelry and most of all my glasses so if the news on the scale isn't good I can always squint at the numbers and guess in my favor.

There was good news today  so I'm not suicidal.  I was down by two pounds which could be water but down is down and I'll take it anyway I can get it.  I'm been eating vegetarian foods and praying that one day I wake up and salad will automatically be my comfort food.

Today I'm working on my self-esteem while steaming some veggies for dinner.  
According to the book Our Lady of Weight Loss by Janice Taylor I need to do what she calls "A Sacred Assignment"  so here goes:

Self-esteam YourSelf.  While you're busy steaming your vegetables, how bout some positive self- esteem talk?  Be sure to compliment yourself at least three times a day!
So here goes:

I obviously have a great sense of humor.

I have wonderful supportive friends (take a bow you know who you are!)

I can still wear the same ear rings I wore in high school!  

Wish me luck, I'm on my weigh ( break here for 30 second dance party----hey a girl has to get her exercise in when ever she can!)


Hello to my blogging friend.. I have not blogged since last May. Facebook is faster , but I enjoy blogging better.

I am with you and want to loss 35 pounds before my Nursing reunion in June.. I need your support and will power.

Congrats on your new Grandson . Keep us posted and show pictures when you are able.

Talk soon, hugs, Baba

hi frind,

u r with me. im in my way to loose my fat tummy. but i do nothin except lessen my rice portion. anyway gud luck ! n i like ur sense of humor ^^

Hi, Daisy! I haven't been here in years! I was perusing my old blog posts and came across a comment you had made. It is wonderful to see your blog again.

so have salad become your comfort food yet? LOL

I am losing weight again and have lost 47.6 lbs since August.

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