Thursday, December 20, 2012 

Our Lady of Weight Loss

I just discovered a great book, and website that I'm sure will be a tremendous help to me in this perpetual attempt to lose weight .  I bought a copy of Our Lady of Weight Loss by Janice Taylor.  She has the wit and humor to keep me motivated and to quit obsessing about food.  You can read about her at her website.

Here's the disclaimer.  I am not Catholic but I do like the concept of having a patron saint to absolve me from my dietary indiscretions.  Too often I become obsessed with food and that's all I think about, dream about and food takes on a life of it's own.  Her concept is to use food as an art project to keep your hands busy so you are not stuffing your face.

I'm not artistic but why not start making collages and art pieces.  If nothing else my grandchildren will think that their Diva was super cool if not a bit crazy.  I joined the Kick in the Tush club and completed Kick Number 1  ....Our Lady of Cleanliness is Next to Weightlessness.  It consisted of doing a cleansing ritual in which I cleaned out the refrigerator of everything that is not healthy or fresh and actually cleaning the whole refrigerator shelf by shelf, bin by bin.  My refrigerator glistens now even though there is very little in it.

      Here's the little prayer, much more to myself than Our Lady of Weight loss.

    "May my commitment to myself shine as brightly as my sparking clean fridge.May I remember that it is not about willpower.  There is no such thing.  This is about want power.  May I give myself everything I want and deserve.  Amen."
Tasty Tidbit:  Willpower is something none of us have.  If there is cake in the house, who among us has the willpower to say no?  We are all more likely to cave in and eat it if for no other reason to get it out of the house and no longer tempting us.  Want power means that want to lose weight enough to make sure that there's no cake in the house-that we want to be thin enough to go that extra mile- to do what it takes.

Wish me luck I'm on my weigh. 

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