Thursday, December 27, 2012 

Patience is a virtue I don't possess

Dear Our Lady of Perpetual Weight Loss, 

I've been good all day long.  I've watched my caloric intake, worn my pedometer, drank lots of water and even thought skinny thoughts.  I've put away the Christmas decorations along with all the Christmas goodies and my resolve has been rock solid all day long. 

Day time doesn't seem to be a problem time for's the grazing at night.  Yes I did say grazing.  Just like a cow and consequently my backside looks like two sides of beef battling each other when I walk. Not a pretty sight.  Please help strengthen my "Want Power"--my will power gets shaky at night.

Here's my holiday picture walking away from the camera.  Do you think anyone recognized me?  

Prickly Prayer:  Dear Our Lady of Gracious Grazing,

Help me keep my hands busy, my mind occupied, and my body out of the kitchen.  Help me erase the tapes in my head that trigger the mindless pursuit of chips, chocolate and other dietary demons that sing out to me to indulge.  Help me remember that they who indulge, bulge.  Amen.

Could you reprogram my brain to have salad be my comfort food.  I'm just saying.....all is forgiven Mooooove On.

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