Thursday, January 03, 2013 

What are you teaching me?

Dear Our Lady of Perpetual Weight Loss,

What are you teaching me today?  I know how to diet, what to eat, that I should exercise in between house work and working at the mission.  I made my list of resolutions and started implementing one this morning.  I decided to be more organized and started with cleaning out just one drawer in my desk.

Well of course while cleaning out the one drawer it meant that I had to clean out some other drawers to accommodate the contents of the drawer I had just emptied.  It ended up that I made a bigger mess cleaning out my drawers than if I had just crammed everything in and slammed it shut.  

My 15 minute drawer cleaning ended up taking several hours and had me running all over the house putting items back into their places.  It seems that my desk seems to be a major"dumping zone".  So I put this sign up to see if it will help.  ( Bare in mind this is my desk at home where there is just me and Mr. Wonderful!)  
I was feeling pretty good about my accomplishment so I tackled the dishes in the dishwasher.  As I reached for a dish towel out of the drawer.  I saw it out of the corner of my eye, jumped about a foot and screamed, thus scaring myself and my two fat cats.  The dead mouse in the drawer however was unmoved and just lay there on my once clean dish towels.

Needless to say I am not the person in our household who takes care of rodent remains and I promptly called Mr. Wonderful to tell him about my experience with lots of exclamations of 
" Gross, Major Yuck, Come Get this thing before it stinks up my house."  He very calmly told me that he would take care of the carnage when he got home and suggested I just close the drawer and "don't think about it".  

Now I ask you sweet do you don't?  How do you unknow  something, once you know it?  I tried to ignore it but the dead mouse in the drawer seemed to take on a life (sorry about that) of its own.  I thought about it while working at my desk (as the drawer is less than a foot away).  I thought about it whenever I walked past the drawer or looked at my overly fed cats sleeping on my bed.

I can tell you I ate less lunch as I didn't want to be in the kitchen anywhere near that drawer.  Now that the mouse remains have been taken care of and the washing machine is humming along cleaning the dish towels all should be right with the world?   

I guess in my small universe everything is alright.  Once you've found a dead mouse in your drawer the rest of the day started looking a whole lot better.  So in the long run I guess it's a matter of perspective.  A dead mouse in the drawer beats a stick in the eye anytime.

Now whenever I want to squelch my appetite I just think about the dead mouse.  Works for me.  

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