Friday, December 21, 2012 

Seeing is Believing

Me...Visualizing dancing with my son at his wedding!

Today our Lady of Weight Loss taught me about visualization.  The power of seeing yourself thin.

  "  Visualization helps us realize our dreams.  When an idea becomes "fixed" in our subconscious, we automatically make decisions that help us move toward it.  Athletes are known to utilize visualization to reach their goals.  They see themselves performing the perfect dive of the high board, scoring a 10. 
According to the book The Einstein Factor by Win Wenger and Richard Poe, visualization helps to increase our intelligence.   It helps to build the connectors between the neurons in our brains.  It's like building a mental muscle.  Albert Einstein conducted most of his experiments in his brain- by visualizing them.
Our outside world-what we consider reality-manifests from our mental world.  First comes the thought.  And from the thought, we create our reality.
 For those of us who want to remove excess weight permanently it is imperative that we spend a period of time, daily consciously seeing and creating our new selves."

        My big fear was the mother/son dance after the wedding.  I'm not a dancer.  I'm not light on my feet and nor am I graceful.  I didn't wear heels and even though I visualized the heck out of the first picture the reality wasn't exactly like I pictured it.  You can judge for yourself. Here's my Butt dancing with my son.  As for me I'm going back into my happy place, light a candle and say a prayer of thanksgiving that the whole ordeal is over. 

 Weighty Confession: 
Forgive me for I have sinned :

Ok, so maybe I didn't visualize hard enough or long enough and maybe I might have stressed out a little and had mood food to compensate for my poor self image.  Actually I may have visualized this image instead of the the top image.  Maybe I'm better at this than I thoughtAll is forgiven.  Move On.

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