Monday, May 14, 2012 

Day 14

     This has usually been my motto!  Two weeks down and I haven't eaten anything sweet.  Who Knew?  I will confess to being drawn to salty treats though.  The guy I share my office with brought in a jar of roasted salted peanuts.  I finally had to hide the jar behind his monitor as I kept being beguiled to indulge by constantly seeing that jar.
     I've had help sorting clothing today.  Three students from a Christian school got suspended and have been doing "community service".  They are good kids (just not very smart at times).  My clothes pile has been brought down and the bins are full once more.
     I jokingly asked them what could I do to get them suspended for a few more days as I have some more projects I could use help with.  I'll have them tomorrow also.  Ah, to be young and foolish once more!
     We will be going to Virginia Beach this weekend to visit my mom.  We haven't been in a month and a half so we are way overdue.  It will be fun to see her and I know she is really excited about our coming.
    No weight loss this week and I'm bummed.  Guess I'd better go back and start recording everything I eat and my activities.  Wish me luck I'm on my weigh.

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