Monday, January 18, 2010 

Where's my 16 pound loss ?

A whole week has gone by and I jump on the scale expecting a 16 pound weight loss just like the book promised. Did it register, but maybe it registered 16 on the Richter scale. The floor did shake a bit and I'm sure the scale groaned as much as I did when I saw the number.

I lost 2 pounds which is pretty good considering my Carb up days were rather extravagant. I was doing really very well as long as I recorded every mouthful and was diligent to walk with Leslie (I know, I told me so Leslie!)

Tuesday, was the earthquake in Haiti and being the emotional eater I am , I ate even when I wasn't hungry. I ate till I finally heard that all our friends were alright and no one was injured. The rest of week has been full of activities trying to coordinate items for relief shipping.

I'll take the loss and say "Thank you Jesus". I'm back on the straight and narrow again, recording my activity and food choices. You won't see my little ole lady move till I get rid of the extra 12 pounds. I definitely do not back her up....poor dear has trouble going forward so I don't want to confuse her.

My plan for the week is to clean out my guest room and put my stationery bike in there so I can use it on a daily basis. Right now it's on the porch and a little too breezy to work out. ( I would move faster if I worked out on the porch!)

Stay away from my Red light foods (foods that tend to control me rather than me controlling them.) Exercise every day with a two mile walk with Leslie. Get up an hour earlier to get that walk in. Walk up and down the stairs at work every hour. Keep up my food journal daily.
Weigh weekly instead of every day.

Daisy Dilemma: Do you look thinner if you run around with thin people or with fat people?


LOL! Well you start to look thinner if you run around! I don't think it much matters who you're with! :)

WHAT book promises you 16 pounds in a WEEK Daisy? I KNOW you are not allowing yourself to be SUCKED IN to that nonsense! Slow and steady wins the race!

I think I have a slipped disc and I think I should probably get it xrayed. My chiropractor doesn't seem to agree... but the pain in my back is VERY different from any other pain I have had ... he should trust me on this by NOW! I've been seeing him - or one like him for 25 years now! (him for a good 10 years) Lesli and I, and aerobics and I are NOT getting along! The bike is still working fine... and by the way... I NEVER sit on the couch! LOL! That's not my spot!

But indeed I did pedal before I went grocery shopping this morning and I have a g'boodle calories left for dinner today - so I'm in good shape! (figuratively speaking...) (pun intended) :)

You can actually be part of PLANNING the cross country trek if you'd like. IF you REALLY are interested. I'm going to take a northern route in one direction and swing by Dr. John's again. The other direction I'm planning to head south - thought I might get to see Jen that way! I definitely want to see the Grand Canyon, the Great Titons, and Mount Rushmore. Other than that, I am wide open for suggestions, and friends to ride along! SO... if you ARE really interested, maybe I could head down and pick you up, and we could head west on the more southernish route, and you could get off and fly home when you're ready??? You up for that? Let me know!

Is this blog really just set up for our "personal" communications???

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