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10 Smart Tips for Weight loss

1. Eat every three hours. (Finally, the number one tip that I can really follow!) "This simple strategy has been shown to melt as many calories in a day as a 30-minute workout. That's becau8se every time you eat, there's a rise in core temperatures that burns calories. Eating several small meals triggers many metabolism -revving spikes throughout the day.

2. Make the first meal of the day "chewy". During sleep, metabolism slows as the body "fasts", and a liquid breakfast does little to get calorie burning going again. "Chewing is necessary to fully stimulate the digestion, saliva production and enzymatic action that fire up the body's furnace." No more breakfast shakes for this girl!

3. Snack on grapefruit. This powerful metabolism booster and insulin regulator keeps carb cyclers losing at a fast and steady clip. On carb down days, add half a grapefruit to breakfast and lunch; on carb up days, add half a grapefruit to dinner and have the other half for a bedtime snack.

4. Make oatmeal your staple starch carb. Thanks to its superior fiber content, this breakfast favorite boosts levels of the appetite-suppressing hormone cholecystokinin. ( And oatmeal carbs won't stick to you hips!)

5. Stick to these portions. To easily setimate serving sizes without weighing every morsel of food, carb cyclers use the size of their fist as one serving of carbs ( including grains, veggies, fruit, beans and bread), their palm as one serving of protein and size of a soda-bottle cap, as one serving of fats.

6. Fill up on ultra-low carb veggies. Eating unlimited quantiest of asparagus, broccoli, lettuce, mushrooms, spinach and radishes ensures hugner is never an issue.The sugars in these high-fiber options enter the bloodstream slowly, prolonging fullness.

7. Opt for quality protein. Eggs, whey, lean meats, fish and unsweetened nut butters have a high termic effect of food-the body expends five times more calories digesting them than it does processing protein, fat or carbohydrates. Carb cyclers get the slimming effect by eating on serving of healthy protein at least four times a day.

8. Enjoy warming spices. Cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves are thermogenic, so eating just 1/2 tsp. daily raises body temperature to rev metabolism by up to 78 percent. That means that more calories are burned even at rest.

9. Move your body every hour. Many of the women who lost big on this plan report that they had no time for exercise. The beauty is they slim without it just by doing a smidgen of activity once every hour. According to research in the journal Diabetes, micro-fitness prevents metabolism slowdowns and deeps blood sugar stable, warding off weight gain. Try pacing while talking on the phone or rappidly tapping your feet football drill style for 30 seconds.

10. Get more fat-burning L-carnitine. This amino acid compound transprots stored fatty acids to cellular mitochondria, which burn that fat for fuel. L-carnitine is also proven to reduce hormone-induced cravings in peri-menopausal and menopausal women. It is found in beef, poultry, fish, eggs, mild and cheese, but to get the study-backed dose of 300 tp 1,000 mg,, consider taking top -rated Now L Carnitine Liquid 1,000 mg.

Daisy Dilemma : All but the last one sound reasonable. I should do some research on the last one though.

From the Magazine Article " Drop 16 lbs this week"


#3 reminds me of the old "grapefruit diet" -- I can remember my mother doing that one. I like grapefruit - but I don't like it THAT much! Nope!

I LOVE the fist thing! I bet my fist is twice the size of your fist! That fist thing WORKS for me! We learned that in OUR study this week too. I immediately compared my fist to everyone else in the room! I know I get double ALL their carbs! LOL!

Now, the wee bits of exercise every hour -- THAT is sound advice for sure! But you STILL have to do aerobic fitness for AT LEAST 20 minutes 3 or 4 times a week! 30 is better because it really TAKES 20 minutes to get your core heated enough to start burning the calories for another 20-60 minutes after - depending on your activity level in the next hour.

So, your little walker at the top of the page -- is she indicating your current weight loss -- or do you have to lose 14 pounds to get back down to her? I remember you saying once that you would NEVER move that thing back UP! LOL! That's why I ask!

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