Tuesday, January 19, 2010 

So Far Today....

I actually got up at 6:15 this morning. It was hard but I dragged myself out of bed with the same enthusiasm that the Dunkin Donuts man used to have in the commercials...."Gotta go make the donuts!"

Actually had I thought of donuts in my early morning stupor I might have been a little more energetic at my approach to walking with Leslie.

Mr. Wonderful had a wonderful cup of coffee waiting for me which helped. My heart doesn't start beating till I've had a cuppa joe in the morning.

By 6:35 I was dressed, finished with my coffee and in front of the TV to go walking with Leslie. She was her usual chirpy self and told me that I had made a good choice today. One mile into the two mile walk Mr. Wonderful decided to join me. It tickled me watching him trying to balance, move his arms, and legs all at one time. At the end of the second mile he had to admit it was much harder than it looks.

We finished by 7:05. He headed for the shower while I made breakfast. Southwest egg beater with red, and green peppers. I threw in some fresh mushroom and some low fat shredded cheese since I was thrilled that Mr. Wonderful had actually joined me walking this morning. I microwaved a couple strips of turkey bacon and we had a wonderful morning feast.

After breakfast, he put the dishes in the dishwasher and went out to put wood in the stove while I took my shower and dressed. We both made lunch to take with us, had our daily devotion and prayer time and out the door before 8 o'clock.

Wow! I can't say it will happen every day but we were both quite pleased with the experiment this morning.

So far the day has gone quite well.

Daisy Dilemma: Do you celebrate daily victories or do you celebrate only if the scale moves?

Melli Moment: In regard to your question about my recent weight gain. I had lost down to 214 but hadn't moved my little walker lady (so it's not quite as bad as it looks. ) And yes, this seems the blog where only we communicate! When are you thinking of taking your cross country road trip. I mentioned it to Mr. Wonderful and he just smiled. It was a Mona Lisa kind of smile so haven't figured out if it was good or bad.


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Goodness! Where'd HE come from??? (points up!)

LOL! You know me Daisy... I celebrate the moments in my life! (do I sound like a greeting card advertisement?) But the MAJORITY of my celebrations are of the YAY GOD! type! Jesus and I do a LOT of High 5's together! Very few of them revolve around food, weight OR exercise - but we DO celebrate those moments too!

I have the additional moment of stepping on the scale at my group and getting a well done or ... a not so well done! Hopefully the not so well done's will be RARE! (pun intended!)

Tonight I made and Luz will soon decorate a cake for PopPop - and I fully intend to have a slice! I have already passed up cake at Bible study last week and cakes GALORE at the funeral reception on Sunday... and tonite I am saving calories for a piece of cake!!! THAT is celebrating Dennis' birthday and has nothing to do with ANYthing else!

Lately I am sO into The Word that most of my celebrations are in being obedient! (you remember... it's ME... I have a problem with obedience!) But I'm working really hard on that. THOSE celebrations are much more important to me than when my scale moves in the right direction. :)

Sounds like YOU had a great morning though! I would LAUGH sO hard to see Dennis doing Lesli! I would have loved to see Charlie too! I can't coordinate the hand-feet-arms thing EITHER - so we could laugh at each other! I figure if I'm MOVING that's a good thing! Just keep moving! I haven't gotten around to praying for coordination yet... maybe once I get the obedience thing down pat!

I'm not sure when I plan to go yet... I need to talk to Amanda and find out when she would rather me NOT be available for Luz. I would LOVE to go in SPRING and have the whole Summer to do things with Luz. I would also perhaps like to get a cabin up on Deep Creek Lake this summer for a couple of weeks if I can. That will probably depend upon how long I take to go across country and back. Dennis figures I'll be gone about 2 months! LOL! Could be! I was gone 3 weeks just to go to Wisconsin and back!

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