Thursday, April 10, 2008 

Not a pretty sight from the rear

Yep, except for the red hair this could be me! I have an exercise bike on the front porch that every few hours I hop on and begin to pedal and pray. ( No....I'm not praying that I can get off the bike quickly or that I don't die while riding the crazy thing. ) I pray for everyone I know starting with my family and friends.

I've also been doing some prayer walking around the neighborhood and around the mission. Did I say walking (limping is more like it right now!)

Did I tell you I have a camo cane.....yep, I can sneak up on you and you won't even see me! Ok, maybe that was a slight exaggeration.
But it is a cool cane.....I may have matching ones for different outfits. Every girl needs accessories right?

Daisy Dilemma: I'm still wondering how much weight I have to lose before my knee start to notice.....a thank you note would be nice too.

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okaaaaaaay thanks... just thanks.... now i gotta feel guilty cuz i'm not utilizing my pedal time to pray... boy... LOL!

As for the knee... I would think knee would be starting to appreciate the loss... but I'm thinking 50 pounds down AND continuous knee exercises before it's going to send you a thank you note.

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