Monday, April 07, 2008 

Sisterly Advice....gladly taken!

My sister Bobbie recently wrote me an email....and sent these pictures of herself before and after having lap band surgery. She's always been my hero and some one I can depend on. Thanks sis!

I read your last "My Weigh of Thinking" blog and was amazed that anyone would make those comments-----How rude and unthinking!!! I am of the opinion that everyone has his or her "addictions" and weaknesses and we all need strength, prayer or whatever to overcome them. . . .Do not let the "turkeys" get you down. . .By the way, most people started to notice a weight loss after 50-60 pounds. At this point, a few people in my Sunday School class will say, "Didn't you lose a lot of weight?" After a 100 pound loss, I should say so!! But I do feel better, haven't had an asthma attacks in years, no incessant coughing and it is great to be able to run after the "grands"!!

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Look what you have ahead of long did it take? Sandt

She looks amazing! And you are going to knock the socks off the nay sayers! ;) Can't wait to see YOUR before and after shots! ;)

Bobbie looks beautiful...and I just know that you will catch up to her weight loss in no time! I have faith in you!
I love you, girl! :)

You DO know that slower weight-loss is actually HEALTHIER - right? Bobbie DOES look fabulous!!!! And in a year or so, you are going to look sO much different too! You DID take BEFORE shots - DIDN'T YOU???

WOW! Girlfriend if Bobbie looks that good, I can't wait to see how good you are going to look!!! You are my inspiration!!!!

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