Wednesday, March 05, 2008 

No more Big Girl Panties for me!

Went to see my primary physician yesterday and get him updated. I found out that I gained two more pounds this week. He says it's fluid since I have not taken a fluid pill in two weeks. The more I am up and walking around the more fluid I have in my extremities . So I took a fluid pill this morning to see if I can get rid of some of the excess.

I figure if I take one once a week it won't deplete my Potassium levels. You can bet I threw a banana in with my Protein Shake this morning!

I had a nice problem. I had to buy new underwear as my Big Girl panties won't stay up any more. That was encouraging despite the increase on the scale.

Daisy Dilemma: How do you keep yourself encouraged?

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Congrats on the new underwear! You go girl!
I was thinking that your weight HAD to be fluid...I couldn't imagine how you were managing to gain weight on what you're having to eat! Keep doing what you're doing...and in a few days when your body has figured out what's going on, I bet you'll start dropping those pounds fast! I believe in you...and can't wait to read all about your successes!
I love you! :) (((hugs)))

YAY YAY on the big girl panties!!! Girl -- you are getting really CLOSE to my weight! Another week or two and you'll have whipped my poor little backside! I am LOVING it though! Now I reallllly have to start trying!!! Oy... I say that every week! I DON'T KNOW how to keep myself psyched anymore! It's really frustrating considering where I've BEEN!!! YOU have to encourage ME now!

Oh yea... take that pill on weigh day!

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