Wednesday, April 09, 2008 

Daisy and friends....

This is a picture taken of me in Savannah last October. I felt more at home with the elephants than with any other animal group.

I watched Biggest Loser last night and they had each of the contestants put on a fat suit that was the amount of weight they had lost and the same portions as when they started. Each of them struggled with extra poundage and each found it more difficult to move and even breath.

I've had some set backs with some health issues recently and it is more difficult to exercise some days because of my knee. I'm also fighting unrealistic expectations. I keep thinking that the weight should be falling off me automatically (if only!) I've lost 20 pounds but of course I was hoping for more.

I go back to UVA hospital Friday for the first fill of the lap band. I've noticed that the full feeling has gone and I'm hungry more often now. I've indulged in some foods (pizza, popcorn, chocolate pie and biscuits) that I won't be able to eat after Friday. In my mind .....It was a farewell meal but of course I regret it now.

Daisy Dilemma: Still trying to get my head in the long does it take?


Honestly? I never heard of all these set backs either! If it were ME, I would be expecting faster results too. But I DO think your sister is the BEST one to talk to -- and she sounds like she is giving GOOD support and good advice! So, don't listen to ME - listen to HER!!!

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