Saturday, August 05, 2006 

Visualizing .....Part 5

The exercise for the day is to picture yourself thin. What activity will you enjoy more when you are leaner?

I want to be more active and adventurous. Whether it's riding a bike with the grandkids or climbing my own personal mountains.

I want to enjoy being an active person. I want to walk through the long trail at the park and not be exhausted.

I want to be able to play outside with my kids instead of sitting on the sidelines. I can't even teach my daughter how to ride her new bike because I can't run behind her to catch her if she falls. Hubby can only do so much.

It is simply awful what a few pounds can do to take the JOY out of life. Since I have lost m 26 lbs I have more stamina. I did not realize that just losing that amount would help me do things and feel so much better. This crazy weight just has to go. Hang in there and it will..persistance!!

Play 18 holes of golf, now I have to learn how to play golf first, so that will be step one. LOL But he wants me to learn so we have something to play together. And of course, I want to be in shape to run and play with grandbabies one day, far in the future!! ;)

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