Wednesday, August 02, 2006 

Countdown to lift off!

Have you ever had one of those days?

We are doing a shipping container of medical supplies for a hospital in Sudan. It has been horrifically hot and physically loading boxes and equipment is like working in a sauna.

We were expecting help from some local churches and that didn't come through. Tonight we had just the opposite problem.....too much help.

We ended up with 45 people all trying to help, needing direction, supplies, and guidance with only 4 of us to direct people, record the pieces being loaded, and make sure every one had a job.

My first mistake was not recording on my volunteer calendar, a group that normally comes every other month on the first Wednesday night from 7 to 9 (so 10 extra adults showed up!)

My second mistake was not limiting the second church group who showed up with 30 people and a number of younger boys who needed more supervision than we could spare.

My third and most fatal mistake was standing out on the loading dock with a clipboard and paper and pen. It identified me as "the person in charge" where in actuality I was merely "the bean counter".

I'm trying to record every item that goes on the container for the shipping masifest while trying to also direct traffic and get other groups started on other projects.

It got even more confusing when I had items converging on the dock from 3 different directions each needing to be recorded as well as the load master asking me for the quanities of items already loaded.

Combined all that with the heat and humidity and it makes for a very dangerous mix. Normally I would console myself with my buddies Ben and Jerry but that's not an option any I thought I'll just go take a long hot shower.

To top it all off Mr. Wonderful just informed me that we need to take quickie showers as the water level is really low from all our company this weekend. We have a cistern system and have water delivered on a weekly basis. Tomorrow is our delivery date.

I've tried the primal helped but I'm still frustrated!

I'm sooo frustrated and they only thing I can think to do that's not fattening is go work out with Leslie. Grrrrr! Bite Me!

Bad day I see!! Wow no Ben and Jerry's and no long heat and many many people to deal with...frustration!! Man what else could go wrong...No wonder you have had a lousy day!! Whew!! what a mess. Well only thing I can say is that I hope tomorrow is better for you. I hope you have a good nights sleep..miss you...take care and God Bless you...Sandy

Wow a stressful day without a nice hot bath or good food that sucks. The workout should help burn off some steam. How about swimming? Is there a pool nearby? I find that swimming can be almost as relaxing as a nice hot bath and it is already full, lol

Hope you had a good night and next time, hide behind some boxes.

Sounds like madness & mayhem! But it was for a good cause. :-)

I've gotten to were my favorite treat has been ice cold watermelon. I don't know where that ranks on the diet you are doing, but a few chunks or a wedge of that & I'm "Ben & Jerry who?"

Thanks for stopping by my diary, I'm ready to get moving again, just waiting for my body to catch up to my head. :-) If you don't mind; I'll link you on my blog...

Have a great day! It's almost the weekend......... whoohoo!

Six words. JELLO FAT FREE SUGAR FREE PUDDING! Only 60 calories and ever SO yum!!! But... I think I told you - B&J has a really EXCELLENT low fat frozen yougurt line! NOT as low cal and fat free as Jello... but very good if you limit the quantity at consumption! (and in a pinch when ice cream is REALLY the only solution - it beats the heck out of other ice creams!)

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