Thursday, August 03, 2006 

Say it isn't so? knew it would happen?

It was really just a matter of when?

Blame it on the heat, frustration at work or just lack of discipline. I not only fell off the diet wagon, I got dragged under it by the horses! (and run over by it several times too!)

Seems like once I went down that road, there was no reigning in those wild appetite horses. I would love to tell you it was a temporary lapse and of no major consequence.....but it was a wild (who cares anyway binge).

Now I totally feel bad (physically) and frustrated that I let things get so far out of hand.

I hate regressing back into "old habits" especially since I thought I finally had a handle on it.

So it's go brush the teeth and don't put anything else into my mouth till morning when hopefully my sanity will return with the light.

I've got to work on better ways to deal with frustration.

Don't beat yourself up over this, momma. This is a process, so falling off the wagon every now and then is inevitable. It's the getting back up again and continuing to go forward that counts.

I love ya, and I'm rooting for you from afar. Keep it up!

Here is another friend "rooting for you from afar"....We all know that you can do it. Please get back up and go into your living room and exercise with your friend. Melli and I want you to do it...Becki wants you to do it and I am sure Charlie does too...PLus that new grandbaby does tooo...
Keep it up get back on the horse, the wagon or whatever and try again. There is always a new day!!

As we say over at One Weigh.. This is just a detour. You walked off the path for a minute or two, now put your shoes on and walk right on back! You can do it!!!

Awwwww... it happens! I bet you're right back on it this morning! Don't beat yourself up too much! TEMPORARY set back - that's all!

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