Friday, August 04, 2006 

A new way to weigh!

For all of you who know my obcession with the scale I've finally found a way to make weigh-in fun.

It's relaxing and no guilt associated with it.

So see, there was no damage done in my latest fact I lost over 200 pounds!

Guess I can write my own book on weight loss now!

Yes......for whatever reason I blew it. I messed up. "The spirit was willing but the flesh was weak!"

I wiped out all the good I had done for the week and now I have to get up, dust myself off, put a "bang-aid" on my wounded ego and start all over again.

I know it's a detour that I didn't plan on and all part of the journey. I'm disappointed in myself but I haven't derailed. I can and will do better, I have every thing to gain by being well and healthy.

This has been a particulary rough week with the additional heat wave, extra physical exertion of doing a shipping container, meal planning around company , coordinating volunteers after hours and just plain fatique.

Daisy Dilemma: What can I do when I frustrated?

Quote of the Day: "If you don't do what's best for your body, you're the one who comes up on the short end." Julius Erving, "Dr. J" professional basketball player.

Mood: self-inflicted wounds healing

You can't change what has happened. Just stand today with renewed motivation and determination to do this. You can do this. If we support each other, we both can!

I just dropped by to let you know I added you to my blogroll for skinnier ever after.

LOL! I loooove it! I'm gonna try that the next time I weigh! Daisy... I can't tell you how many set backs I have had! My doctor keeps telling me I'm doing GREAT! Of course, see, HE only recommends 1 pound a week. He says that is the only "realistic" goal that can be followed through with. It's MY lunatic self that is determined to lose 2 pounds a week... and lately it just isn't happening! Apparently my doctor knows my body better than I do! (or he knows human nature...) Because IF I could be a PERFECT dieter ALL the time I probably WOULD lose 2 pounds a week EVERY week. But Eve ate the apple, and God said "NO... you can't be perfect any longer"... so occassionally I mess up ... and sometimes I do it *gasp* on purpose! And yet... I've lost 43 pounds! And you will too! Be as "perfect" as you CAN be... and then accept mistakes and sidetracks as just that! You're doing a GREAT job!!!

What a great blog! I love it!! Thanks for sending me the link. BTW...did you get your thyroid level back? I'm hypo...have been since 1998. Daily pill and it's all better...but I STILL think it makes it harder for us to lose the weight. Despite the "normal" reading, I just don't know...

OK....Now for some sisterly advice.

Just because you fell off the wagon doesn't mean you have to beat yourself up!! So stop whipping yourself, brush yourself off and pick yourself up off the floor, and pick up where you left off.

Hate to tell you this sis, but you aren't perfect. I know it's a big surprise. But someone who loves you has to tell it to you. Since you aren't perfect, you'll make mistakes, you'll fall off the wagon more than once. But when you do you just have to realize that you made a blunder and try to learn from it.

So quit beating yourself up!!! No one is perfect! We all make mistakes and we all cheat! I'll tell you what my diet counselor told me, she said I didn't gain this weight over a short time, I will not lose it over a short time. I will not change my eating habits overnight. It takes time. It takes practice.

So keep practicing, it will take time and you will get there! We will get there!! Love you sis!!

Listen to Yellow Rose and double that advice from me. It is late or I would write more..I will tomorrow...sandy

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