Thursday, August 03, 2006 

Visualizing .....part 4

The exercise for the day is to picture yourself thin. What activity will you enjoy more when you are leaner?

I will enjoy walking on the beach and not be mistaken for a beached whale or lady carrying a huge beach ball!

On really hot humid days I always think about the beach which is strange since I live by the mountains. I don't like going to the beach because of all the golden bodies and tiny little bathing suits. I have noticed that people like to put their towels near me ( I'm not sure if it's because I provide shade from the sun or that if you are next to a really fat person it makes you look much thinner!)

Daisy Dilemma: waiting for "Willow " to kick in.

Quote of the Day: "Many people dream of success. To me, success can only be achieved through repeated failure and introspection." – Soichiro Honda, founder of Honda Motors

Mood: hot and tired

Well I gave up on looking good at the beach. I just go...I never thought of carrying a beach ball. I think it would draw too much attention to yourself. Take will do it I know..

Hmmm... not ya got me wondering... what WILL I enjoy doing when I'm much thinner? I think it will be ever so nice to be able to cross my legs in a lady like fashion again. And I'm hoping to actually get thin enough to be able to tolerate a really SEXY pair of strappy sandals on occassion!

the only thing I can think of is not really an activity. I would enjoy being brave enough to wear a bikini at the beach

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