Friday, August 04, 2006 

I've got good new and bad new!

Well my lab test are in and there is good news and some bad news.

Good News: My CA125 is normal (my sister had ovarian cancer so I get this checked every year as a precaution).

Bad News: I knew this was coming so I am not surprised but at least I now have a starting point.

Cholestrol level : 255 (goal 200)
triglycerides: 183 ( goal 100)
LDL: (bad chol.) 192 (goal 100)
HDL: (good cho.) 48 (goal 40)

I've been off my cholestrol medication for two years because of the cost.....looks like I'll have to get back on it. My Doctor is really good about giving me samples...I'm just not real good at picking them up.

My TSH was 3.2 again a high normal. (This is the tyroid test) Current research shows that it is more effective if the it is in the 1 point range so looks like I'll be having a discussion with my doctor on a number of issues.

We never heard about your thyroid tests now did we? Sandy

Yay about the first test. That is a relief. As for the cholesterol, as you say it is a starting point. You will get it undercontrol. {{hugs}}

You will be picking up those samples religously, won't you? ;)

YIKES! Yes - you GET back on that cholesterol medicine! Sheeeesh woman! I have been very fortunate that even with my massive size, I have never had any cholesterol or blood pressure problems. (and as I said before... my thyroid has always been way to normal too... NO help for ME! LOL!) But really ... please DO take care of this stuff. I'm sure your number WILL be dropping from your new healthier eating -- but try adding some oatmeal in there too! K?

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