Sunday, July 30, 2006 

Visualizing.....Part 3

The exercise for the day is to picture yourself thin. What activity will you enjoy more when you are leaner?

I know this will sound silly but I'm actually looking forward to being able to sit on any chair without major spilover! Also to comfortably sit in any chair with arms and not have to wedge myself in or fear that I won't be able to get out of it.

Seat belts is another secret fear. What if the seat belt won't fit? What if the airline insists that I buy two tickets (one for me and another for my butt!) How embarrassing would that be?

I know that "normal" is just a setting on the dryer but it would be nice to just be normal weight and size.

Yes MA'AM! And let me tell ya something! By the time you lose that 20 more pounds you WILL be able to sit in like movie theater seats without having to wedge! Cuz that's where I am right now! I can DO it! SOON you will too!!! Matter of fact... at the rate I'M going... you're probly gonna pass me up! LOL! I'm workin' though... I'm TRYING to NOT let you catch me!!! hehehe....

Boy the competition between you two is really heating up because each day I can feel the HEAT down here in Savannah even!! WOW!! I understand how the sides of the seats kept getting closer and closer...well now I can feel like I fit in a seat like I used to years and years ago. it is great !! Keep it up Miss Lazy Daisy!! We are all pulling for you as always!! I am off to CURVES!! Sandy

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