Sunday, July 30, 2006 

My Diet Persona.....or Power Label

Yes, I'm sure Daisy has totally lost it. All that dieting and exercising has affected her brain.

It has been suggested that in order to achieve my ideal body that I should create a Power Label that gets me excited about exercising and eating well.

Too many people unconsciously label themselves in ways that make them feel bad: over the hill, overeater, couch potatoe, sugarholic, fat slob, hopeless loser. The human brain is such a powerful instrument that you will eventually become whatever you label yourself. The more you use these negative labels the more you begin to see yourself in that light.

I have a real name, that real people know me by....(just ask Floozie!) I have a blog name that most of you know me by.... ( aka : Daisy) so now I'm proposing a new name for my diet persona.....(Willow)

I love this picture....Willow denotes some one thin and sleek. My favorite tree is the weeping willow. Willows have roots systems that can run for blocks (so they are firmly planted). Willows are welcoming and comforting. They are beautiful and graceful also. All of these are traits I aspire to so in my mind I'm Willow.

Willow Wonders:
I wonder how many of you think that this is silly?

Quote of the Day: " One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar." - Helen Keller, American Writer and social reformer

Mood: Feeling skinnier there some method in the madness?

You are as you feel sometimes. Have you ever looked in the mirror and jus thought you looked wonderful!!?? and then the next time maybe even minutes later and thought who is that? Funny how just thinking about yourself differently even in just a few minutes does something to our brains...SO MISS WILLOW!! BE THIN..BE SKINNY!! BE HAPPY..whatever it takes I say..Go for it.We will be here for that whoever you want to be be...

Dear Willow...
You look WONDERFUL!!! Wonderful Willow! Yes, indeed! Do I think this is silly? No sirreee! I sure don't! If you "feel" you are Willow, then Willow you shall be!

who doesn't HAVE a Diet Persona yet...
but who will think about one!

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