Wednesday, May 31, 2006 

Intentional Eating

The goal for this week is to be intentional. To be in the moment no matter what I am often I graze while watching TV or a movie. I'm not aware of how much I've eaten till all of a sudden the popcorn bowl is empty.

So here are some suggestions to help with this problem.

1. Say Grace before eating. It sets the mood for a level of mindfulness. Anything approached with reverence is less likely to be abused.

2. Get Hungry. Do I ever really experience hunger? Learn to recognize my body's hunger signals. Don't eat when I'm not hungry.

3. Food is Not Love. I don't need to overmedicate myself with food. It is not a substitute for comfort, security or love. Food is not an emotional crutch.

4. Food is not background music. Stop the constant flow of unconscious eating. Be aware of what I put in my mouth.

5. If it doesn't taste good, don't eat it. I will resign from the "clean plate" club. I will put my fork down between bites. I will actually taste my food.

Daisy Dilema: Can I focus on my food without obcessing?

Mood: Tired

I have learned to do really helps! My Mom hates it if we go out to lunch and I don't eat everything! Gee, wonder how I got this way!!!!

thanks for stopping by and the words of encouragement...

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