Friday, May 19, 2006 

New Plan of Attack.....

Just got through talking with my friend Sandy about Weight Watchers. She goes , weighs in and leaves.

I've not been in long time. Chirpy finally got to me. Just too much perkiness for "my weigh of thinking". Still I believe in accountablity (apparently not enough to spend 11 dollars a week to have some one weigh me!).

So we have decided to do our own WW program. We will continue to weigh-in on Thursday's and I promised to start listing everything I put in my mouth and let her look it over. I'll do the same for her. So .....built in accounability!

I need to have some one looking over my shoulder saying, "Well, I see you got into the chocolate chips this week. How's that working for ya Sparky?"

What I have been doing (nothing but wishing!) hasn't brought about the desired results so a change is definitely needed.

Daisy Delima: Atkins? Weight Watcher? Moderation?

Mood: Stressed

Hey, TOPS is a non-profit, cheap way to have that "official" accountability. I've been in it for 3 yrs, because I just couldn't afford to do WW around here. Good luck to you! I am not going to reach my goal- but as long as we're striving for it- it's good!!

I am doing weight watchers (on my own too!) Can't afford to go to meetings! I am just too cheap! I just started last Saturday! There is a lot of support from our fellow blogger's but no one to look at my logs. Maybe we can spur each other on! Pray for me, I am leaving in a half hour for a wedding and at the reception...I will be cutting the cake! Give me veggies!

I have some friends who joined WW after having babies, and ended up "quitting" WW and doing it on their own each week as a group. Worked for them (and isn't that the way WW got started?)

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