Monday, August 20, 2012 

Another Monday morning....

Another Monday morning, another new start, another week of recrimination and regret, another week of trying to get my head in the game, my butt off the couch and my body back in the gym.  My heart longs to be healthy, my body agrees, now if I could just get the right combination of healthy eating and exercise to start seeing results.

I gained two pounds over the weekend.  No one put a gun to my head and demanded I eat cookies, brownies, or chocolate bars.  I did that on my own and I must admit it felt good going down.  This morning in the shadow of my scale it doesn't feel good at all knowing that I'll have to exercise for days to compensate for the excess.  It was a rough weekend .  Mr. Wonderful  is exhausted and coming down with a head cold.  Traffic was a bear, bumper to bumper all the way to Richmond.  The tunnel was a nightmare, the car started overheating, the Mr. picked a book on CD that was really dark and creepy (and that I truly hated),  tempers were short, things were said out of frustration that can't be taken back and of course we heard a sermon that convicted both of us on Sunday.  I over ate out of frustration and guilt and am having dieters remorse today.

    Welcome to my world!

Today is our son's birthday.  His wedding is getting closer.... 83 days and I'm further away from my goal than last week.  So much for self control!  Now I'm into stone cold resolve.  

Wish me luck, I'm on my weigh, again!

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