Thursday, August 09, 2012 

Can you believe this?

I didn't work out the night before with my exercise buddy as she was at the fair with her family.  Today I got this email from Calorie King on Catastrophic Carnival Food.   I couldn't believe the calories and grams of fat .  Some of these entries I've never seen at the fair and I guess it's a good thing.  The Caveman Turkey Leg is a 2 lbs leg with a pound of bacon wrapped around it and deep fried.  Talk about excessive!  I don't think I would have trouble passing on that one.

I have seen this at the fair.  Deep Fried Butter on a Stick.  Now I will admit to a love affair with butter.  I like to slather it on hot biscuits or hot grits but I've never been tempted to deep fry it and put it on a stick.  Maybe the batter surrounding it makes it taste like a hot biscuit, but this girl will never know.  I'll take a pass on that.

There were other delicacies like fried Kool- aide  (no lie) , Chocolate covered bacon, deep fried Oreos , Twinkies, Mars bars, Klondike Bars and even Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich.  Of course my favorite foods at the fair are Funnel Cakes with powdered sugar, and Kettle Corn, both  outlandishly high in calories and fats.  If you really want to get the scoop on Fair food go here.  Thanks Karen for ruining my desire to go to the fair! 

On a less fattening note:  I think the higher calories 1200 to 1500 have helped keep my blood sugar where it should be.  Of course the scale is not moving.  It's probably cause I gained 5 pounds just looking at these pictures of fair food.

Wish me luck I'm well on my weigh.

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