Monday, August 06, 2012 

walking the extra mile

Boy am I enthusiastic!  Work was hard today, and hard to stay motivated.  I was more than ready to leave and when I got home my back was hurting, my knee was hurting from standing all day and I still had to finish up my crock pot dinner.  Tonight we had Mandarin chicken and it was pretty good.  Definitely not my favorite dish but a nice change.

At 6:45 I headed over to my new exercise buddy's house (she lives two doors down and in the same direction as the community center.  We walked over and found out that we were the only ones there.  We did manage to unlock the room and walked a mile with Leslie.  This was a different tape than the one I did this morning and by the end of the first mile we were definitely sweating.  My new friend showed me some of the stretch bands, balance balls, and hand weights and showed me some pretty impressive moves on the balance ball.  I made sure my ball matched my outfit and secretly feared I'd find myself on the floor from either having fallen off or popped it when I sat down. (Do these things come with a seat belt, forget that, then I'd have to worry if the seat belt would fit.)

After our work out we exchanged phone numbers in case one of us can't work out.  I casually asked how often she wanted to work out....once a week? every other day? never again?  I was delightfully surprised when she said she wanted to work out every evening.  I was also delightfully surprised to see my pedometer  reading was 12016 steps today. That's almost 6 miles!

I'm sure I'll pay for it tomorrow but tonight I'm a happy camper.  A new exercise buddy and some extra motivation.  Wish me luck I'm on my weigh.

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