Friday, August 10, 2012 

Meet My Butt....

     Here it is, the dreaded picture that every woman of traditional build hates HUGE BUTT!  In my defense this picture was taken before I started my current weight loss plan.  This is me, Mr. Wonderful and baby Charlie at the fair ground in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.  My backside is bigger than baby Charlie!  I'm thinking of posting this picture on the refrigerator as an incentive to back away from the food.  There's a reason fat people only look at themselves from the neck up, the rest is too depressing.
     I really need to lose all this extra weight especially on my butt and belly.  I know my joints would send me a thank you note.  Again, I know that the weight is not going to just fall off but it doesn't mean that I don't rush to the scale every morning in hopes that it did.
      Since the scale isn't moving I need to take measurements .  I've notice that my clothes aren't as tight  so maybe the inches will be incentive to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

     Last night my exercise buddy and I did walking and boxing with George Foreman.  I can now throw a jab, a hook, a cross over and know how to bob and weave as well as how to do the Foreman shuffle.  So take that big belly,  take that big butt, this chick won't go down without a fight.  Wish me luck, I'm on my weigh, fighting for every pound.

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