Sunday, August 12, 2012 

A little positive self talk

Yesterday I made a list of all the things I'm not.  I did hear from a few people today that thought I was too hard on myself and saw qualities in me that they like and admire.  One of them even sent me this list on 10 Steps to a positive body image.  So here goes:
     Step 1:  I'm sure I don't appreciate the body I have till something goes wrong.  I sprained my knee a few weeks ago and the more I exercise the more it hurts. I'm aware that I have a knee every time I walk.  The pain is a reminder to me to pray for those I know experiencing physical pain or needing physical healing.  So thank you God for a strong body that you've given me (despite that I'm built like the refrigerator).  At my age it's a blessing to wake up at all, knowing who I am and where I'm going and have the ability to do it.  God is Good all the time.
    Step 2:  I started making a list of things I like about me
 1.  I have a great smile, it makes my face light up and always gets a positive response from others.
2.  I have gorgeous blue eyes (especially if I'm wearing blue).
3.  I have great ear lobes (nice and skinny).
4.  I have a small frame, small wrists,  delicate hands with long fingers.
5.  I have beautiful silver hair....(I told God I could do silver but not grey!)
6.  I have a great sense of humor. 
7.  I'm a good communicator.
8.  I'm creative.
9.  I'm a good encourager and cheerleader.
10.  I'm a good pray-er.

Whew, that wore me out.  Two steps in one day, watch out world I'm on my weigh.

I think you are having a positive effect on me so...that means you are a #1 ispiration. Don't worry, together we are on our weigh to getting healthier.

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