Monday, January 25, 2010 

Weigh in week two.....

Ok, it's the dreaded Monday morning again....the day all diets start and my weekly weigh in. I was down by three pounds and the picture on the left should give you an idea about how I feel about it!

I won't lie to you it was a hard week. Dieting to me is a full time job. I made good choices but it wasn't always easy.

I'm still adjusting to my eating limitations and learning not to push the boundaries. I'm learning to stop before I'm full. I'm learning what foods I tolerate better than others and I'm learning to let my mind control what I eat and not my eyes!

I'm also learning that I do better when I record what I eat (the good, the bad, and the ugly). I'm starting to see patterns in my eating and overeating so can start to formula a plan to counteract my emotional eating.

I'm three pounds away from letting my "little ole lady avatar" start walking again. Hope she still remembers how to go forward. Poor dear probably became arthritic waiting for me to come to my senses.

We went to a movie yesterday ( a rare treat) and then out for over priced coffee at Barnes and Noble. I found out they have "skinny" lattes and frappacino's (about a third of the regular calories). It tasted the same to me so I'm thrilled that I can have an occasional treat without totally blowing my calories for the day.

Daisy Dilemma: What's your favorite indulgence food wise? What's your favorite indulgence non- food?


YAAAAAAAAY! Only 3 more pounds till the little lady moves! I can't wait! That is GOOD news!

I'm tracking my food these days too - it's part of the program - but I'm also using Spark People to help me! I love that site!

Favorite food indulgence has gotta be cake. Daisy, in all honesty... I've never DONE it - but I could ... I could bake a cake and sit down and eat the WHOLE thing! THAT is how much I love cake! So, that HAS to be the favorite indulgence. But the other would be cheese. However, I do allow myself 2% cheese on a regular basis - so I don't need to "endulge" in it!

Non-food? Probably a new book or new praise cd. On a little higher scale would be salon pedicures.

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