Tuesday, January 26, 2010 

No so terrible Tuesday.....

I feel like the cartoon pretty often! Yesterday was a busy day at work and today has been too. I worked this morning packing and moving boxes that were 30 and 40 pounds so I think I got my strength training in for the day.

I still get up and move every hour and walk up and down a flight of stairs every hour. I would love to report that my butt dropped off with all this exercise but it hasn't.

Yesterday I was telling the Lord that I needed new underwear since mine no longer fits and guess what came in the mission? If you said, new underwear that fit me exactly give yourself 5 points and high five to God. I got a really nice black lacy bra that hugs my curves just exactly right, plus it's pretty. I made the mistake of showing it to Mr. Wonderful this morning and now when he looks at me he blushes. (Isn't that the cutest thing?)

If I weighed myself every day I would know that I dropped another pound but since that sounds obsessive compulsive I'll wait to report my weight loss next Monday.

Daisy Dilemma: Do you reward yourself for losing weight? for exercising? If so what is your reward system?


LOL! Did you tell Mr. Wonderful that black lacy bra was his VALENTINE gift!?

I do NOT reward myself for weight loss OR exercise on a daily or weekly basis. But I do reward myself for each 20 lbs. It's kinda stupid because my reward is something like Sbarro's pizza or a Mega hot fudge/caramel sundae - with nuts! I gotta find some other type of reward....

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