Wednesday, January 27, 2010 

Cake on the brain....

I just finished writing a post about what is your greatest temptation food wise and now I've got cake on the brain.

I drank a nice glass of didn't help.

I ate a crunchy fiber filled didn't help.

I pictured myself thin and didn't help.

I prayed that God would take away the temptation....God said, "relax you don't have any cake in the house and my grace is sufficient for you". That did help!

We had prayer day today at the mission and it was awesome how God is working in North Korea! Some days I feel like a spiritual pygmy!

Daisy Dilemma: What do you do when you have cake on the brain to distract yourself? Or do you give in to the impulse ?


Well thanks to Random Dozen, I too HAVE had cake on the brain all day... surely you could tell from my comment on the Lazy Daisy Log! But fortunately I do not have any in the house either, and it's cold, so I'm NOT going OUT to get some! I think God is a good answer to this dilemma! But right now it's almost dinner time and I AM hungry... so I need to do something about THAT before I do start nibbling! I've just sucked down my 48th oz. of water today and it's not doing it for ME either! Have a YUMMY dinner and forget about that cake! (and if you are REALLY desperate for chocolate 1 Hershey kiss has 20 calories - and usually does the trick!)

its a pain. i end up eating the smallest chocolate candy i can find :)

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