Saturday, February 16, 2008 

Wow If that's not enough to make you lose you lunch.....

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Ahhhhhhhh! What a great place to start! Now... don't take pics again TOO soon -- because the heavier you ARE the less it shows. Like 10 pounds will not be very noticeable at all... 20 ... a little more. Then you'll see a DRAMATIC difference! And it also gives you a goal! I wanna lose 20 pounds SO I CAN TAKE A NEW PICTURE!!! I was really mad when I hit 59 pounds and then didn't make 60 -- cuz at 60 I would have taken a new picture! Then I gained 5 over the holidays and now have to lose SIX before I get a new picture!!! Dang it! It really is a GREAT tool!

OK. Now I know you are serious! Big step Daisy and I know you can do this.

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