Friday, January 18, 2008 

God Moments....Me moments

At the end of a long day, who sings you lullabies?

It’ getting late and I’m on my way home now, after a full day.

I take a few moments to review the day, the God moments and the me moments. I become saddened that there are more me moments than God moments in my day. Then, to my mind comes two conversations I’ve had today with two individuals who each mention a significant shift in their direction in the past days. Hope comes back to my heart.

My mind remembers how not three days previously I couldn’t get them out of my head. So I did the only think I knew to do, and that was to pray, so I did. I prayed and prayed for them and it felt good to pray with such freedom and intensity. I didn’t know then what I was praying for, but I think I do now.

God moments - 10.
Me moments - 6. (ok, 7)

There is always someone who loves to sing you Lullabies

I was reading this post from a dear friend and it moved me deeply. I know this blogger well and his post always encourage and convict me.


I read about those twins. It wasn't here... in America... I think England maybe. Not sure. Verrrry sad story. I can't imagine it.

You are sounding deep and pensive today.

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